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Swimming Pools & Spas

We specialise in the fabrication of swimming pool coping stones using limestone, travertine and marble. Unlike standard swimming pool copings wihch are made using a concrete mould, we cut and shape natural stone slabs into the coping stones.

At Stone Vale we recognise the importance of using only the highest quality stone for fabrication. Our slabs of limestone and other natural stones are all 1st Selection materials and Grade A natural stones.

The list below are just examples of the natural stone swimming pool coping stones which we can offer.

- White Moleanos Limestone Coping Stones.
- Gascogne Beige Limestone Copings (also known as Beige Moleanos Limestone).
- Premium Classic Light Travertine Pool Copings.
- Mixed Moleanos Limestone Coping Stones.
- Jerusalem Gold Limestone Coping Stones.
- Jerusalem Crema Limestone Copings.
- Jerusalem Ivory Limestone Pool Copings.
- Brazilian Black Slate Swimming Pool Coping Stones.

These stones are examples of the high quality limestone and travertine slabs we work with. We are skilled at producing both straight copings as well as Roman Ends from a radius, circular raised spa copings with bull nosing to both the front and back of the coping as required.

Additional bespoke stone fabrications which are available as part of swimming pool projects are:

- Pool treads and steps, including constant submersion steps.
- Bespoke drainage channel stones.
- Corner stones.
- Changing room showertrays carved from a single slab of stone.
- Level deck coping stones.
- Pool walkway skirtings.
- Underwater seats.

Whilst we don't offer an installation service, our sister company Pure Adhesion Ltd specialises in supply of specialist stone installation materials such as waterproof flexible adhesives, waterproof anti mould grouts, and very importantly high quality stone impregnating sealers. All staff are able to offer sound advice on how our stone materials should be fitted, and we are happy to work with both swimming pool contractors and customers, to ensure the stone coverings and swimming pool project is a complete success.

Let Stone Vale take the hassle and stress out of this part of the construction process. All you need to do is choose a material, tell us how much you require, and we'll do the rest. Please call if you would like to discuss any aspect a current or proposed swimming pool.

Black Slate Pool Copings - External Use

Black Slate Pool Copings - External Use

Jura Beige Limestone Pool Surround & Copings

Jura Beige Limestone Pool Surround & Copings

Pearl Limestone Pool & Copings

Pearl Limestone Pool & Copings
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