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Maintenance & Cleaning

Stone Vale does not offer an installation service, however we are able to help with advice and supply of the fitting products required for installation, maintenance and renovation all types of tiles.

Our sister company Pure Adhesion Ltd. was founded in 2004 as a response to the often asked question of what products are required to fit and maintain natural stone tiles.

Please call us on 01423 815416 or visit www.pureadhesion.co.uk for further information & technical advice.

All natural stones are porous to different degrees. To protect tiles from being marked, stained, and weathered, they should be sealed. The amount of sealing which is required depends upon a few factors. The stone type, where the stone is being fitted, and the finish of the stone can also dictate how, as well as how much, the stone should be sealed. High porosity floors like limestone and travertine should be sealed with impregnating sealers to build up the level of resistance.

Natural stone sealer should be applied to the tiles prior to grouting. Unprotected tiles can be stained by cement in grout. This leaves unsightly shadows and markings, which are difficult, or impossible to remove. More porous tiles require sealing more than once prior to grouting. All tiles should be sealed again after grouting.

Apart from the necessity of sealing to protect stone tiles, sealers can be used to create different finishes. These are summarized below.
Matt Finish: A matt stone sealer will protect tiles without significantly altering the natural appearance of the stone. Most sealers will act as mild colour enhancers. A matt stone sealer will leave stone looking as natural as possible.
Product: Lithofin MN Stain Stop or LTP Mattstone
Colour Enhanced Finish:  Sometimes called colour intensifiers, a colour enhancing sealer will not only protect against staining but will also draw out the colour and character of the stone. Colour enhancing sealers will often also leave an eggshell or satin finish on the surface of the stone tiles.
Product: Lithofin MN Stain Stop PLUS or LTP Colour Intensifier & Stain Block

Wax Finishes: Wax is traditionally the method of sealing terracotta, but can also be used to seal stone as well. On low porosity floors waxes can be applied directly, but on more porous stones, it should be used in conjunction with an impregnating sealer. The two most common types of waxed finish are clear and antique.
Products: Lithofin TC Classic Primer, Lithofin TC Classic Wax - ANTIQUE
Gloss and Satin Finishes:  Gloss and Satin generally apply to finishes created by surface sealers as opposed to impregnators. A gloss finish will show marginally more veining and character in the stone than the satin finish. More porous stones will require a primer before the surface sealer can be added. The primer is a pre-sealer and impregnator.
Products:  Lithofin MN Slate Seal, Lithofin Multi Seal

It is important that sealers are maintained over time. The preservation of the sealer with the correct cleaning products will not only keep a floor looking its best, but also increase the length of time before sealer needs to be re applied.

Maintenance of stone tiles is not difficult, nor does it have to be taxing. It is however, very often overlooked. The most common misconception is that, when the tiler has finished, and the stone is fitted and sealed, no further care is required. Your tiler should advise you on what to do next. You can also ask your retailer for advice on how to treat your tiles. On this page we have provided useful information of the main areas of day to day cleaning and longer-term maintenance.

There are two categories of cleaning and maintenance products when dealing with stone. The first is the everyday cleaners. The second are the renovating, or problem solving products. Paying attention to the using the correct everyday cleaners, will significantly reduce the need for the second type of product.

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